30 listopada 2013

Get ready for December! PL card freebies

Hi there! Today I'll be quick! To get you more ready and excited about December and making memories I've prepared something for you (like I did the last year too >>click<<). These four lovely cards will fit you 3x4 pockets in December Daily album or your PL spreads and I'm giing them to you for free (for personal use ofcourse). But don't be shy you can use them on a layout as well, or maybe attach to the present or a festive card? It's your choice. Enjoy!

This download will contain four separate cards that you can print at home plus a preview of all of them. Enjoy and spread the word if you use them :)
Pod tym linkiem znajdziesz osobne karty do wydruku w domu oraz ich podgląd. Miłej zabawy i piśnij słówko jeśli ich użyjesz :)

9 komentarzy:

  1. Just wanted to pop over from the Chic Tags blog to say thank you so much for your comment on my post the other day. I sure appreciate that you took the time. You have a gorgeous blog by the way. You're quite talented.

    1. Thank you Sherri for your sweet words! Comments like yours keep me so motivated to go forward with what I do. Thanks!

  2. piękne karty :) Chyba się skuszę na DD w tym roku :)

  3. ojaaaajaaaa!! ten jelonek jest boski :D wydrukuje go chyba tylko po to zeby miec go na biurku :D <3
    Anti miszcz!

  4. Beautiful cards, than you for these!

  5. *I mean thank you of course! :D